Joey Fino - May 2016

I was first introduced to Maurine through a friend of mine after she heard that western medicine just wasn't really cutting it for a devastating back injury that I had.  She thought that guided imagery might be able to help with the pain and depression that I had been dealing with.  I had done guided imagery through a group setting before and liked it so I was very open to it.  I was incredibly impressed with Maurine's ability to adjust to whatever I needed on any given day depending on what I needed at that time.  And if I wasn't sure what I wanted to work on she would come up with something that always had a great outcome.  At one point during a relaxation exercise I could feel my back unwind and loosen up while she took me on my journey.  No amount of muscle relaxers came close to what Maurine did!  I am so happy that I've had the chance to work with her and will definitely continue to work with her on a regular basis. 

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