Thank you for inviting me to join this amazing group, you, all, have made an amazing difference in my life."

In addition to group meditation, I offer one-on-one personalized meditation sessions to establish or deepen your meditation practice. I also offer customized recordings for clients.

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We all experience stress and anxiety in our lives. Practicing deep relaxation, such as meditation, is a way of coping and calming the mind and nerves. Meditation uses the creative mind and is very healing, refreshing the mind and spirit. Meditation is also a way of becoming more mindful and conscious. Meditation helps clear the thinking mind with the intent of a greater connection with your inner being, wisdom and mindfulness in your outer world.

We can do a deep relaxation or meditation in person or over the phone, zoom or in person. These practices allow us to get in control of our mind, so it does not control us!

I also offer personalized meditation or affirmation recordings for clients. Listening to recordings daily can change your brain, your thoughts and give you great relief from stress and fear. Contact me to book a personalized meditation experience.