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Darlene Frank, Creativity Coach for Writers - July 2016

Maurine, thank you for your gentle, confident manner in taking me on a deep and meaningful guided imagery journey. For 45 minutes I entered an inner world where the gifts are always rich and transformational. I came to the session with questions in mind about what book I should write (out of several possibilities) and what was blocking me from moving forward. These questions brought forth a powerful and unexpected image that could only have come from the deep unconscious. And it wouldn’t have appeared without a facilitator or guide.

This kind of guided journey always yields something of tremendous value, particularly for the creative person who is open to exploring what lies within.

I treasure the experience I had with you, and am grateful for the way in which you held a sacred space for our time together. Since the session, the image I received continues to reverberate within me as a powerful symbol that will benefit my psyche and inform my art.

Thank you also for capturing the journey in your comprehensive notes; I had forgotten some parts because I was deep into the process. I recommend your guided imagery process for any creative person who seeks greater depth in her life and work.

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