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What is Guided Imagery?

Guided Imagery is a creative and fast way to get to the root of an issue and offer healing and thus transformation. Once in a relaxed state, you are gently guided to a safe place using your imagination. We use your imagery and sensations to tap into your inner truth and revelations in a gentle and loving way. These inner journeys are actually interactive, which means you are relaying what you are experiencing and I am giving you feedback or helping to guide you.

It is surprising to clients to find such profound wisdom inside. It is immensely healing to also interact with parts of ourselves which may not have been given a voice before. Guided imagery journeys tap into the subconscious to gently approach what would like, and is ready, to be healed. These sessions are held with reverence and great respect for your process and often offer a faster route to healing than traditional therapy.

Guided imagery is a doorway to deep, internal wisdom
unique just to you.

What is Guided Imagery?
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