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​I was first introduced to Maurine through a friend of mine after she heard that western medicine just wasn't really cutting it for a devastating back injury that I had.  She thought that guided imagery might be able to help with the pain and depression that I had been dealing with.  I had done guided imagery through a group setting before and liked it so I was very open to it.  I was incredibly impressed with Maurine's ability to adjust to whatever I needed on any given day depending on what I needed at that time.  And if I wasn't sure what I wanted to work on she would come up with something that always had a great outcome.  At one point during a relaxation exercise I could feel my back unwind and loosen up while she took me on my journey.  No amount of muscle relaxers came close to what Maurine did!  I am so happy that I've had the chance to work with her and will definitely continue to work with her on a regular basis. 

--Joseph Fino

Maurine took me inside myself on a journey that was beautiful, intense, vivid, and scary. Maurine was with me every step of the way, guiding me through positive and negative situations. Her knowledge and nurturing way helped me feel safe and brave. I addressed some fears and scary feelings and experienced intense love and power. Afterward I felt relaxed, and rejuvenated for days like I’d been to a healing center. I felt healthier, calmer, and energized. I felt more powerful in my everyday life and when I reflect back on the journey it reminds me that I am powerful, nurturing, brave, vulnerable, and loving. I felt like I got to experience and discover parts of me that were so awesome. The journey boosted my confidence and self-love. Looking forward to my next session!

--Sandra Parker


Although I had no preconceived expectations, I was surprised by how utterly blissful I felt throughout my journey with Maurine. I am grateful to her for the safety and compassion she brought to the experience, which enabled me to be vulnerable.

--Sandra Murray

I had a profound experience when working with Maurine to resolve a creative block. She was warm, created a supportive space for the work, and was an attentive guide who listened deeply and knew how to gently and imaginatively help me explore the inner resistance that had me stuck. My session with her was rich and transformative. I felt grounded when it was over, and in the days that followed, I experienced a positive shift. The imagery continued to resonate, insights continued to flow, and my former resistance was replaced with effortless enthusiasm as I worked on a personal project. What a difference! Maurine is a truly gifted practitioner, and I highly recommend her.

--Susan Gold, Certified Hypnotherapist


My experience during and after my journey with Maurine was one of realizing that the wisdom I need to guide me through this life is within me and that I embody that knowingness.  Maurine led me into a waking dream state whereby I had a connection with my inner spirit. She gave me tools to visualize that spirit guide. That connection is profound and still with me now, 3 months later. 

–T. Denn, May 2015


 I do journeys on a regular basis with Maurine to address many things. Each experience has been unique, vivid and profound. She allows enough time for me to have my experience, but gently questions and guides me to maneuver in my experience to get the most from it. I have been awakened to many revelations. These journeys have helped me with diet, exercise, re-charging my batteries and even life/career considerations. This is the beauty of going on a journey with Maurine...she pulls the visuals and meaning out of your own mind which makes the journey personal and relevant.

 --Sarah Curtiss

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